October 15, 2021

Sleep Chorin

Its that time of the week again, as Alex and Jakub sit down to talk about fall foods, scary movies and all things in between as spooky season is knee deep in ghoulish nonsense. A lady claims she doesn't sleep. Alex went to an apple orchard. The Conjuring house is up for sale, Jakub thinks its too expensive. Haunted House participant gets a real stabbing. Twitter gets two more new features.

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October 8, 2021

An Unprepared Goodbye

Sometimes no matter what you do, you're never as prepared or as tough as you think you are. The conversation gets a little heavy as Alex recounts having to put down one of his dogs and having to explain death to his 4 year old daughter. Jakub ruins (or saves) the vibe. This leads into a recap of his trip to Cincinnati and all the odd things that happened. Not to one up Jakub from last week, but Alex had maybe the worst Taco Bell experience he's ever had. The Zodiac Killer has been identified, but the Lords are still skeptical. Alex explains soaking, Jakub is grossed out. Facebook went down, Twitch was hacked, nothing is safe. Game of Thrones is back with new show. The trailer is out, are people still hyped? 'What If' is over and Alex gives his final thoughts.

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September 30, 2021

Fortune Favors The Bold

What a rollercoaster it is to be a collector. Its not for the weak willed that's for sure. Alex has been dealing away items and purging a collection with an update to an update. Alex dives into what its like collecting and some self appointed rules and parameters as well as when its time to tap out on a collection. Alex pitches a dystopian future where fortune cookies have real rewards and consequences. The internet is an uproar over the Mario movie. A Weekly Weird that's not so weird. What fast food restaurant would most likely be a front for money laundering and criminal activity? A neighborhood situation causes panic. 

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September 24, 2021

Diamond Stud

Jakub makes his way back to the Pasta Palace and goes on a rant that they have already previously covered. Alex brings up a parenting dilemma. Jakub tells us on his vacation. The Osborne Curse strikes again, which then leads Alex to explain how eBay works to Jakub. Scientists want to bring back an extinct animal, but at what cost? Tik Tok, like much of everything, has some good things about it and some bad things. The Lords discuss both instances within the last week. What would you do if you parents got rid of your collection without your consent? You sue them of course! Alex gives Jakub a new thing to do in Vegas, whenever he goes.

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September 17, 2021

Bring Me Solo 3

As one Lord steps out for a brief vacation (didn't he just have one), a Lord is left to answer a plethora of questions, submitted by you, the listeners. Alex answers everything from how the podcast formula came to be to what videogame franchise would make a good movie to his favorite collectible and everything in between. Stick around and give it a listen!

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September 10, 2021

Between Two Buns

Just when you think you know a person, they drop knowledge of their deep love of hot dogs. Alex and Jakub are back together sans guests to talk about ESPN and how they got duped. Alex has an incident at CFA. He also brings a conversation up about no showing a wedding and if its ok to bill someone for not showing. Jakub's love for hot dogs knows no bounds. Twitch and hate raids along with an update on OnlyFans. Cancel culture has gone too far when something from 30 years comes up that no one is aware of. What would you do if you found a brick of cocaine on the beach?

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September 3, 2021

Moon Gazing

Spaghetti Town is so excited to welcome current comic book writer Jed MacKay to Spaghetti Town. Jed is the current writer on Moon Knight, Black Cat, & Magic: The Gathering. He is also set to write the upcoming, The Death of Dr. Strange. Jed talks about his origins as a comic writer and what it's like juggling multiple books at once, for different companies. They do an extensive deep dive on the current Moon Knight run and how he is approaching it. Jed talks a little bit about his hobbies as well and what its like working for Marvel. Go support all of Jed's books! 

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August 27, 2021

Lotts of Fun

Never meet your idols they say, but maybe it worked out better for Day 1 WYSPer and all around good dude, Ian Lotts who joins the show for the first time. They talk about a historic moment they experienced together as well as how Ian and Alex became friends. OnlyFans is going soft. A new double decker drive thru only Taco Bell is coming and EPIC is back on their nonsense, this time its stealing. Paddling kids in school was a thing, was it justified? Ian brings a story about a possible blood feud and the Lords decides if Ian should pursue legal council. 


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August 20, 2021


There is a storm coming Mr.Wayne. As the Lords of Spaghetti hosts the fellas from Geeksploration Podcast (Ben and Jon), a gnarly storm approaches. Luckily they were able to record the whole podcast but dealt with the occasional mic issue. They discuss briefly a Chewbacca theoretical before moving on to Kickstarter. Ben and Jon successfully funded their very own comic book on Kickstarter (Space Oddities) and Alex picks their brain about the entire process. They recount how important GTA was as a game franchise. Have you ever been on a flight when someone is being unruly?  They also discuss neighborly blood feuds and share stories about being mischievous 

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August 13, 2021

Time is Now

Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit? The Fathers of Spaghetti Town talk about reading books makes and why it makes you sleepy, as well as what other rituals bring about the sleepy time. Jakub wont admit his into sexy anthropomorphic animals. Subway legally doesn't serve tuna or bread, but keep advertising that they do. Alex explains how crazy sugar is to your body. A new trend has started where celebrities have started to admit that they do not bathe. Alex goes on a very long diatribe about stench, hygiene, and filth and why bathing is important. Jakub tries to reason with him, while secretly thinking Alex is talking about him. A Weekly Weird brings up the discussion of what's ok for experimentation by the government. A lady gets mad at a flag and gets clowned.  

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